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Current Projects


Committees are being formed to begin the implementation of our 10 year strategic plan.  Become involved.  Help our lakes and surroundings areas.  Read the entire Comprehensive Plan and Strategic Plan on our Records Page.  The following committees are being formed.

Shoreline and Near Shore Goal:  Implement shoreline and near shore practices to improve the water quality and habitat of the lakes.

Educational Goal:  Provide educational opportunities and information to stakeholders and the public.

Fisheries Goal:  Improve the quality of fisheries & fisheries habitat of the lakes.

Recreation Goal:  Oversight of recreational usage of Amnicon and Dowling Lakes to ensure a safe and healthy multipurpose recreational environment.

Aquatic Plants Goal:  Manage and control both native and invasive aquatic plants.

Water Quality Goal:  Reduce external and internal nutrient loading in both lakes and their watersheds to achieve a water quality that will support a healthy lake ecosystem.

Plan Implementation and Amendment Goal:  Follow through with the implementation of the plan.  Review yearly and amend if necessary.

Dowling Lake Comprehensive Lake Management Planning  (CLMP) Grant

ADLMD received a WI DNR grant to develop a Comprehensive Management Plan for Dowling Lake.  The field work for the grant was completed in the summer of 2021. We received the final draft of the plan from Leaps, LLC this spring.  After public review and input, the final draft  has been submitted to the WI DNR for approval.  

Dowling Lake CLMP

Dowling Lake CLMP Goals, Objectives and Actions

Dowling Lake CLMP Milestone Matrix

Amnicon Dowling Comprehensive Planning Grant- 2021-2022 

The major purpose of this project is to develop a 10-year strategic plan that will serve as a working document for Stakeholders, the Board of Commissioners and their partners to use to address management goals and objectives designed to preserve, restore and protect the watershed, shore land and water.

Grant Application

Part of the grant is to determine and prioritize issues and areas of concerns the residents feel are important.  A survey was developed and all residents were offered the opportunity to provide their input.

A summary of the survey results is here.

Leaps LLC conducted a data gap analysis of all past studies to help define goals and objectives for the strategic plan.

Amnicon Lake 2021 Strategic Planning Report

See the Dowling Lake Comprehensive Management Plan for Dowling Lake Strategic Planning Goals and Objectives.

Summary Matrix of Data Gap Analysis

The Strategic Planning Committee also worked with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission to help guide us through the process and help us to prioritize goals and begin the planning process.  View the completed project here.

ADLMD SOAR Final Report

The committee met through the fall and winter of 2022-2023 to finalize the plan.  A completed plan was shared with our stakeholders at the 2023 Annual meeting.  Public comments from this meeting were incorporated into the final report that was submitted to the WI DNR for final approval in August of 2023.  The DNR has given us final approval.  We are now beginning the implementation of the Plan.

Read the final report with supporting documentation here


Ongoing Projects

There are a number of ongoing projects the district is involved in.

WI DNR Citizens Lake Monitoring Program

Volunteers measure water clarity, using the Secchi Disk method, as an indicator of water quality. Volunteers may also collect chemistry, temperature and dissolved oxygen data, as well as monitor for the first appearance of aquatic invasive species near boat landings, other access points, or along the shoreline.

Dennis Corbin has been monitoring Amnicon Lake for many years.  Tom Fennessy has begun monitoring Dowling Lake.  Check the DNR link above to access historical data.

Clean Boats Clean Water

Based on recommendations from the Aquatic Plant Management plan, the district has been participating in the CBCW program for many years.

Through the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program, inspectors are trained to organize and conduct a boater education program in their community. Adults and youth teams educate boaters on how and where invasive species are most likely to hitch a ride into waterbodies. Inspectors perform boat and trailer checks for invasive species, distribute informational brochures and collect and report any new water body infestations.

Aquatic Invasive Plants

The District currently has a program to control the spread of the aquatic invasive plant Purple Loosestrife.  Predatory beetles were introduced to the lake to control this invasive.  As a homeowner there are ways you can help.  Check out the DNR site for general information and how you can help stop the spread.  Purple Loosestrife

Curly-leaf Pondweed  is another invasive plant present in Amnicon Lake.  The District has an active program to control the spread of this invasive through harvesting.  Curly-leaf Pondweed 


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